Rocking Your Countertop Project

When you have a countertop project you want everything to be perfect and go as planned. At Art Stone Granite and Marble, we want you to successfully finish your countertop project and that’s why we have created 4 fundamental tips to rock your countertop project.

1. Personally Select Your Slab.

At Art Stone Granite and Marble, we recommend not to pick your granite color off of a small sample piece. Look at the entire slab — ALWAYS! If you are not able to view your slab (and your project layout), move to another fabricator.

2. Consider All of Your Options.

Speak with your design consultant (Art Stone has design consultants that can assist you) regarding materials, colors, and textures that are most applicable to your project and your needs.

3. Select What Works Best For Your Project.

Each project is unique. Whether you are designing your dream home or readying a house to put on the market, there are a number of factors that will come into play.

A qualified design consultant can help you navigate these matters. One of the most common errors that homeowners make is to select or reject materials and features due their popularity.

If you feel they are simply trying to make a big sale rather than create a unified design concept, we recommend to move on.

4. Hire Experienced Professionals.

Don’t hire a fabricator just because they are cheap. Natural stone isn’t the easiest material in the world to work with. It takes experience, talent, and good tools & machinery.

With the poor economy, there has been an increase of guys working out of their garages and/or trucks. They may not have a lot of experience and can really mess up your beautiful and expensive stone (not to mention, your cabinetry).

The stone business is a “get what you pay for” type of industry. If a stone shop is paying for experienced employees, worker’s comp, good machinery and tools, a nice shop, helpful office staff, etc. then your countertops are obviously going to cost more money. They are also going to look a lot better and the company is going to be in business longer to honor that warranty down the road.

Be wary of companies that use sub-contractors. Once the job is installed, they will likely not be able to make any corrections, adjustments or repairs. Make sure your fabricator is insured. If your fabricator is fabricating your entire kitchen in your driveway, things are about to get messy.

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